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Take Action on The State of Intersex and Trans Organizing Reports

Overwhelmingly, intersex and trans groups are deeply under-resourced and have pressing, unmet needs that undermine the sustainability of their efforts, yet continue to be neglected by international funders.

  • Published
  • 30 October 2017
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American Jewish World Service (AJWS), Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice (Astraea) and Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE) invite intersex and trans activists, organizations, allies, funders and donors to join in and take action in response to the global state of intersex and trans organizing.

Social Media Toolkit

Each section includes suggested Twitter/Facebook posts and accompanying images. It has been split into 6 areas, each focusing on key findings from the reports:

  • Budgets
  • Lack of funding
  • Donor reasons for funding refusal
  • Types of funding requested
  • Chronic understaffing
  • Capacity building needs

Use #fundintersex #fundtrans when tweeting about these reports.

This social media toolkit is also available in Spanish, French, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Under $10K Annual Budgets

Facebook Posts

“The hundreds of trans and intersex groups we surveyed are sending a strong message to funders about their needs,” said Mauro Cabral Grinspan, Executive Director of GATE. “In all corners of the world, trans and intersex groups face tremendous challenges, including discrimination and violence, and desperately need additional resources from governments and foundations to continue – and expand – their vital work.” #fundintersex #fundtrans

In 2015-2016, more than 2 in 5 trans groups received no external funding. Of those groups who received funding, more than 2 in 3 trans groups received less than US$10,000. #fundtrans

Twitter/Instagram Posts

More than 1/2 #trans groups and 3/4 #intersex groups work on less than US$10,000 a year #fundtrans #fundintersex

In 2016, #intersex groups were hugely underfunded, with 35% receiving no external funding and only 19% receiving over 10K (US$) #fundintersex

In ’15-16 more than 2/5 #trans groups received no external funding, with more than 2/3 trans groups receiving less than US$10,000 #fundtrans

Lack of Funding

Facebook Posts

More than half of all #trans groups and three quarters of all intersex groups work on less than US$10,000 a year. David Scamell, Director of International Advocacy for AJWS says: “Intersex and trans activists are fighting violence and discrimination while pioneering new legal reforms and shifting cultural narratives across every region of the world. We believe that international funders must step up so that intersex and trans activists will receive the resources and support they need, so that they can continue to build global momentum for positive change for trans and intersex people.” #fundtrans #fundintersex

Twitter/Instagram Posts

More than 3/4 intersex groups work on less than US$10,000 a year #fundintersex

More than 1/2 trans groups work on less than US$10,000 a year #fundtrans

#Donors’ reasons for denial of #funding include group being too small/lacking capacity and/or #trans-specific group not priority #fundtrans

Donor Reasons for Funding Refusal

Facebook Posts

The main reason that donors turn down funding requests from intersex groups is that intersex people are not considered a priority, despite major human rights violation. Sarah Gunther, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships for Astraea says: “The funding gap for intersex groups is an outrage that has real-world impacts on people’s lives. We call on donors to increase their support and to ensure that funding decisions are driven by the needs of activists.” #fundintersex

Donors’ reasons for denying funding to trans groups include the organizations being too small or lacking capacity and/or trans-specific groups not being considered a priority by funders. This is exacerbated by the fact that 7/10 trans groups faced barriers when applying for funding, including applications being too complex. #fundtrans

Twitter/Instagram Posts

Main reason #donors turn down #funding requests is that #intersex people are not a priority, despite major #humanrights violations #fundintersex

7/10 #trans groups faced barriers when applying for #funding incuding overly complex applications & lack of interest in trans groups #fundtrans

Types of Funding Requested

Facebook Posts

Despite increased awareness and media coverage of both intersex and trans people and their issues, intersex and trans groups are deeply under-resourced and continue to be neglected by international funders. Global funding for broad LGBTI groups has grown exponentially in recent years, but just 6% of trans groups and almost no intersex groups receive funding from donor governments. #fundintersex #fundtrans

Twitter/Instagram Posts

Lack of access to #government #funding has significant implications for #trans groups #resources worldwide and needs to be addressed #fundtrans

#Trans groups are unlikely to receive #government funding, with most #funding from #foundations and larger #NGOs as sub-grants #fundtrans

Chronic Understaffing

Facebook Posts

Underfunding of intersex and trans groups is reflected in chronic understaffing of these organizations. Fewer than 1 in 5 intersex groups and 1 in 3 trans groups have full-time paid staff. Even those with paid staff struggle to provide a living wage given their budget constraints. #fundintersex #fundtrans

Twitter/Instagram Posts

#Intersex groups are at high risk of #burnout: almost 7/10 are run entirely without paid staff #fundintersex

Despite an increase in awareness of #intersex issues, lack of #resources force intersex groups to rely largely on #volunteers #fundintersex

Capacity Building Needs

Facebook Posts

Intersex and trans groups overwhelmingly report having pressing, unmet needs which undermine the sustainability of their efforts. Nearly 8 in 10 trans and intersex groups report needing support with fundraising and grant-writing, and roughly three-quarters report needing support in healing from trauma and preventing burnout for trans and intersex activists who are leading the fight against significant human rights violations. #fundintersex #fundtrans

The capacity building needs of trans groups were highest in the area of organizational development, which is exacerbated by the lack of resources and funding available to trans-specific groups. The capacity building requirements of trans groups, in terms of resources and financial support, are three times what they currently receive. #fundtrans

Twitter/Instagram Posts

While visibility and momentum of #intersex activism grows, activists need support to prevent #burnout. #fundintersex

The needs of global #intersex groups for #training and #capacitybuilding far outweigh the availability of #resources. #fundintersex

#Capacitybuilding needs of #trans groups were highest in area of #organizational #development, exacerbated by lack of #resources #fundtrans

#Trans groups require more than 3 times the amount of #capacitybuilding #resources & #support than they currently receive #fundtrans