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HRC 44 Side Event: Where did the money go? How the COVID-19 crisis drains trans funding worldwide

  • Online
  • 2nd July 2020, 16:00 CET

Join us on 2 July for UN Trans Advocacy Week webinar on how COVID-19 crisis is draining trans funding worldwide

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The current public health crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 is a global emergency with far-reaching social, economic, and ecological implications for us all. There is clear and growing evidence that State responses in the delivery of healthcare, the implementation of lockdown measures and policies designed to mitigate economic consequences have disproportionate and discriminatory impacts on marginalised groups.

The pandemic is exposing and deepening existing discrimination, violence and other human rights violations on the basis of SOGIESC and deepens existing imparities within the LGBTI movements. The massive impact of the pandemic on global, national and local economies as well as the shift of some donors to the field of humanitarian aid, has far-reaching and potentially long-lasting implications on the funding of trans movements and trans-led organisations across the globe. Trans organizations have been underfunded for decades, few have had the ability to build reserves and will be hit by changes in the funding landscape drastically and quickly.

The lack of economic opportunities for trans people, the barriers trans persons face in accessing employment and the fact that a large number of trans people are forced to work in informal economies further aggravate the dire situation of trans organizing under COVID-19.

This webinar, set in the context of Trans Advocacy Week 2020, seeks to unpack some of those implications and discuss what global and regional donors can do to mitigate some of those issues.

All speakers are trans-identified and work in the field of grant-making.


  • Mukasa (Programme Officer of the International Trans Fund, ITF)
  • Cleo Kambugu  (Director of Programmes at UHAI),
  • Rebecca Fox (Senior Programme Officer, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund)
  • Justus Eisfeld (Advocacy & Program Development Manager Sexual Rights and Diversity at HIVOS)
  • TBC: Gabriel Foster (Executive Director at the Transjustice Funding Project),
  • TBC: Wiktor Dynarski (Programme Officer at Open Society Foundations),


  • Julia Ehrt (Director of Programmes, ILGA World)


  • English and Spanish (simultaneous interpretation)

Watch the webinar recording