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Trans & Gender Diverse Sessions at AIDS 2022

  • Montreal, Canada
  • 26th July - 2nd August 2022

As one of the Civil Society Partners on the AIDS 2022 Conference Organizing Committee, GATE has compiled a calendar of sessions taking place during the pre-conferences and Conference that are relevant to trans and gender diverse communities. This calendar includes sessions in which trans and gender diverse speakers (including 2 Spirit people) are presenting, and sessions that focus on trans and gender diverse communities and related research.

  • Published
  • 13 July 2022
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We’re delighted that there are currently 16 pre-conference sessions and 33 conference sessions included on this calendar, highlighting a significant increase of trans- and gender-diverse-relevant sessions during the AIDS 2022 Conference and Pre-Conferences.

If we have missed a session that you think should be included on this calendar, i.e., the speakers are trans or gender diverse, or trans and gender diverse issues are addressed within the session, please contact, and we will add the session to the calendar.

Please note: This calendar does not include sessions that are taking place in the trans networking zone TRANSport Hub in the Global Village. Find details of TRANSport Hub sessions.

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AIDS 2022 Pre-Conferences

DateTimeEvent TitleLocation
26 July17:00-20:00Pre-Conference Opening Ceremonies and FeastIndigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
26 July20:00-21:30Indigenous Realities in Global Health: Sustaining the Indigenous Response – A Panel DiscussionIndigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
DateTimeEvent TitleLocation
27 July09:40-10:45Reality Check: Indigenous Experiences Living with HIV and Co-MorbiditiesIndigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
27 July11:35-12:30Moderated Couch Talk: Data, Policy and Transformative PracticeIndigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
27 July13:30-15:00Track 1 – Situating Our Response:
Sharing of Lived Experience with Long- Term Injectables
Indigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
27 July13:30-15:00Track 2 – Engagement and Solidarity:
UNAIDS PCB NGO Delegation Consultation;
The Future of Income Generation Projects for Indigenous Peoples and HIV
Indigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
27 July13:30-15:00Track 3 – Indigenous Health Sovereignty:
The Ărramăt Project
Indigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
27 July13:30-15:00Track 4 – Knowing Our Pandemics:
The Medicine Bundle Pilot – An Indigenous approach to self testing
Indigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
27 July14:00-15:00Connecting LGBTI+ and key population activists in AfricaUNDP Pre-Conference, Room 516 / Channel 6
27 July15:15-16:15Addressing stigma is not enoughGetting to the Heart of Stigma IAS Pre-conference, Room 517c / Channel 5
27 July16:30-17:30Inclusive social protection for PLHIV and key populationsUNDP Pre-conference, Room 516 / Channel 6
DateTimeEvent TitleLocation
28 July10:15-11:15One size doesn’t fit all: Adapting the U=U message to diverse populations worldwideU=U Global Summit Pre-conference, Room 517b / Channel 4
28 July10:30-12:00Track 1 – Situating Our Response:
Sharing knowledge from the Sex Now Study: Indigenous Two-Spirit Communities;
2 Spirit Resurgence
Indigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
28 July10:30-12:00Track 2 – Engagement and Solidarity:
Indigenous Leadership in Moving Mountains – The Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure;
Advocating for new drugs to be included on insurance drug formularies;
Indigenous Healthcare Providers across Canada
Indigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
28 July10:30-12:00Track 3 – Indigenous Health Sovereignty:
CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Canada), Feast Centre for Indigenous STBBI Research at McMaster University(Canada), and HANC Office of HIV AIDS Network Coordination (USA)
Indigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
28 July11:30-12:30Break Out Session: The intersecting Dimensions of Queer SexualityFor F*ck’s Sake Summit MPact Pre-conference, Room 517c / Channel 5
28 July14:45-15:45Panel Discussion – Community-driven research and responses: Triumphs and TribulationsIndigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal
28 July16:15-17:00Closing Remarks & CeremoniesIndigenous Pre-conference, Le Westin Montréal

AIDS 2022 Conference

DateTimeEvent TitleLocation
29 July07:45-08:45GATE/amfAR Satellite: Trans Inclusion in National HIV Policy and Planning: A collaborative discussion between activists, researchers, and policy makersRoom 510 / Channel 8
29 July07:45-08:45Beyond theory: People, providers and policymakers share practical perspectives on delivering responsive, person-centered HIV primary healthcareRoom 516 / Channel 6
29 July11:45-12:45Co-Chair’s choiceRoom 220 d/e / Channel 1
29 July13:00-14:30Fight For What Counts: Maximizing health equity, gender equality and human rights in the HIV responseRoom 517b / Channel 4
29 July14:45-16:15Launching new WHO guidelines for key populations: Focus for impactRoom 517d / Channel 2
29 July16:30-18:00Why and how to educate about U=U in clinical, advocacy, and community spacesRoom 517b / Channel 4
29 July18:15-19:45Save lives, decriminalize: Pathways to achieving the 10-10-10sRoom 518 / Channel 10
DateTimeEvent TitleLocation
30 July10:30-11:30What can we learn from Indigenous science and research in responding to viruses?Room 517d / Channel 2
30 July10:30-11:30Metabolic consequences of new classes of ARTRoom 510 / Channel 8
30 July11:45-12:45In it together: How to integrate health services for specific populationsRoom 517c / Channel 5
30 July14:15-15:15Optimizing the HIV care continuumRoom 517b / Channel 4
30 July16:30-17:30HIV and human rightsRoom 220 d/e / Channel 1
DateTimeEvent TitleLocation
31 July10:30-11:30People at the centreRoom 517a / Channel 3
31 July11:45-12:45Enlightenment through estimation: New insights in HIV epidemiologyRoom 517c / Channel 5
31 July11:45-12:45Late Breaker Track DRoom 220 d/e / Channel 1
31 July12:00-13:00Community monitoring of HIV services for key populations during COVID-19Room 2 / Global Village Channel
31 July14:15-15:15Breast is best? Making infant feeding options available for all women living with HIVRoom 510 / Channel 8
31 July14:15-15:15Nothing about us without us: Community-led responses and researchRoom 517a / Channel 3
31 July16:30-17:30HIV prevention and treatmentRoom 220 d/e / Channel 1
31 July17:45-19:15Launch of the 2022 AJPH Special Issue: Addressing HIV-related intersectional stigma and discrimination to improve outcomes and inform public health effortsRoom 517c / Channel 5
31 July17:45-19:45The Key Populations Investment Fund: Progress, pitfalls, and future directions for key population programsRoom 517b / Channel 4
DateTimeEvent TitleLocation
1 Aug09:15-10:15Strengthening health systemsRoom 220 d/e / Channel 1
1 Aug10:30-11:30Decolonizing global health: Using intersectional feminist frameworks to transform the HIV response and inequality
Room 510 / Channel 8
1 Aug10:30-11:30Going to the source: Sustainable financing of HIV programmesRoom 516 / Channel 6
1 Aug11:45-12:45Packaging HIV prevention for different populationsRoom 517c / Channel 5
1 Aug14:15-15:15Doing it right: Inclusion, diversity and policy developmentRoom 517a / Channel 3
1 Aug14:15-15:15Long-acting therapiesRoom 511 / Channel 7
1 Aug17:45-19:15Health concerns of transgender people not frequently addressedRoom 510 / Channel 8
DateTimeEvent TitleLocation
2 Aug08:00-09:00REPORT LAUNCH: Protectors or Perpetrators? The Impact of Unlawful Policing on HIV, Human Rights and JusticeRoom 517d / Channel 2
2 Aug08:00-09:00Evidence for PrEP Implementation in Latin America: ImPrEP Project ResultsRoom 517c / Channel 5
2 Aug10:30-11:30Quality of life: From survival to thriving modeRoom 517d / Channel 2
2 Aug11:45-12:45U=U positive+ empowermentRoom 517a / Channel 3
2 Aug13:45-14:45IN-PERSON ONLY: Sensitization workshop for healthcare providers and audience to sensitize and enhance their knowledge and awareness of trans health needs and rightsRoom 518 / Channel 10
2 Aug14:15-15:15Self-testing and self-sampling to enhance integrated HIV, STIs, and hepatitis servicesRoom 220 d/e / Channel 1