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Board Leadership transitions

Rikki Nathanson and Orneill Latiyah have been elected as Chair and Secretary of the Board.

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  • 26 July 2022
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© Rikki Nathanson and Orneill Latiyah photos | GATE

We’re delighted to announce that Rikki Nathanson and Orneill Latiyah have been elected as Chair and Secretary of the Board.

Since joining GATE in 2019, Rikki Nathanson has guided GATE with feminist ideals promoting self-determination and emancipation. She’s been elected as the new Chair at the Board of Directors. She’s committed to elevating all the voices, ensuring the expansion of GATE’s vision. Orneill Latiyah is also taking the role as Board Secretary, strengthening her trajectory as a youth trans activist. Join us in celebrating them!

I am honored to lead GATE through this next phase of its development as the Chair of its Board of Directors. This appointment comes at a time when we see the organization undergoing a new and exciting transition; the search for a new Executive Director and an expanding Board, all to complement the recently unveiled 5-year Strategic Plan and most robust budget GATE has seen to date. With this exhilarating road ahead comes the mantle of responsibility I take on, which is to do so to the best of my ability to meet and even surpass the objectives set by all the stakeholders – the gender diverse and intersex communities, partners, and colleagues. I close by thanking Dave Scamell for his leadership these past six and a half years and the legacy and very large shoes – he leaves behind for me to fill.

Rikki Nathanson

Having the opportunity to fill the Secretary’s position within the Board of GATE is one more step in my leadership development process as a young trans activist. I am delighted to be able, through this position to have more engagement and responsibilities on the Board by actively participating in the realization of our next 2022-2026 action plan. I’m so excited about the beginning of this new chapter. I’m sure I will learn more from the other Board members, especially Rikky, the past Secretary of the Board before me. Congratulations to her for her new position full of new responsibilities.

 Together we will continue to push the work of GATE the right way. I would also like to reiterate my thanks to Dave for his commitment and strong engagement. I had the pleasure and opportunity to learn from him during these past few months of working and discussing together during the Board’s meeting.

 I know he is not far from us, and I wish him all the best.

Orneill Latiyah

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