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Guide to Influencing the Global Fund’s Grant Cycle 7 for Transgender People

GATE and LAC Platform have published a Guide to Influencing the Global Fund’s Grant Cycle 7 for Transgender People

  • Published
  • 17 March 2023
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Developed in partnership with the LAC Platform

The Global Fund provides funding for HIV, Tuberculosis (TB), Malaria and the strengthening of health systems to over 155 countries across the world. The Funding Model works in a 3-year cycle that corresponds directly with the Replenishment Cycle. The current funding period is from 2023–2025, called Grant Cycle 7, or GC7.

In December 2022, the Global Fund sent Allocation Letters to all countries eligible for a Global Fund grant, and countries have begun preparing their Funding Requests through the Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs). Transgender and gender-diverse community groups, and priority interventions for these groups, have often been side-lined in the Funding Request process. This new grant cycle therefore presents an opportunity to ensure that transgender groups are meaningfully engaged in the process, from the Funding Request through to Grant Implementation, and that transgender interventions are prioritized and included in the Funding Requests.

This Guide aims to:

  • Outline how GC7 works and what is new compared to previous grant cycles.
  • Provide step-by-step opportunities and tools for transgender communities to meaningfully engage in GC7.
  • Outline the specific interventions for transgender communities that can be included in the Funding Request.
  • Provide additional resources that transgender communities can refer to for more information.