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Welcome to GATE, Andreo!

GATE welcomes our new Communications Assistant, Andreo from Portugal

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  • 19 May 2023
Andreo Gustavo standing in front of greenery, smiling into the camera, wearing a white jumper, with short black hair and a black beard GATE logo
© Andreo Gustavo | Communications Officer | GATE

GATE welcomes our new Communications Assistant, Andreo from Portugal

Andreo Gustavo (he/him) is a Portuguese transgender man trained as a structural and cultural Consultant for SOGIESC inclusion. Join us in welcoming him!

Photo of man looking into camera with water and landscape in the background

Andreo holds a Masters in Humanitarian Action, Cooperation and Development, but used to play CSI while taking his Forensic and Criminal Sciences degree.

His previous working experience ranges from health (Portuguese translation of SOC-8 from WPATH – World Professional Association for Transgender Health), communications (Communications Consultant at UNICEF -NYHQ), persons with disabilities (Personal Assistant), and HIV/AIDS (Project Assistant).

He plays an important role in the daily lives of Portuguese trans people, having founded the first Portuguese digital platform for sexual and gender diversity inclusion called TransParente.

Andreo is fluent in English and Portuguese, can communicate well in Spanish, and understands a bit of French.

He loves the countryside and a good view of the ocean!