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Welcoming our new Board Members!

We’re delighted to have four global-class activists joining us to effectively lead GATE’s work.

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  • 6 September 2022
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We’re delighted to have four world-class activists joining us to effectively lead GATE’s work.

The year 2022 has represented a time period of great changes for GATE, with the introduction of new leaders. Since september, we will be joined by Jay Mulucha, Simon Petitjean, Zakaria Nasser and Monalisa Akintole. Meet them!

Monalisa Akintole (she/her)

Monalisa Akintole is a feminist, transgender human rights practitioner, researcher and health rights advocate with proven work experience in strategic-based policy advocacy for sexual and reproductive health and rights in ending all forms of discrimination against the transgender community in Uganda. She is also a certified counselor, leadership and management coach with a bachelor’s degree from Makerere university.

She is one of the youth consortium members of the vibrant young voices advisory board around issues of key populations with specific interest in issues to do with trans women. Currently, she is working at Transgender Equality Uganda (TEU) as the programs lead.

Zakaria Nasser (he/him)

Zakaria has been involved in trans and queer feminist organizing in Lebanon since 2007. He was a member of Meem, an underground LBTQ group, since (2007), coordinated the group’s space between 2008 and 2011, and took on the coordination of the group between 2011 and 2013. He has since been part of various grassroots organizations and community spaces in Lebanon, as well as regional and trans-regional networks working on bodily autonomy. In 2016, Zakaria co-founded Qorras, a group producing queer feminist knowledge, where he leads on finance and fundraising and is involved in various initiatives. Since 2017, Zakaria co-leads the Tajassod working group in Qorras, which focuses on trans leadership, practical information and networking for trans individuals in Lebanon. Through various forms of engagement, Zakaria is committed to trans connectedness and liberation, and to the implementation of ethical structures and governance processes.

Jay Mulucha (he/him)

Mulucha Jay is a Ugandan Transgender man. He is a trans and human rights activist. Executive director and founder of Fem Alliance Uganda. Fem Alliance (FEMA) is an LBTQ organization that brings together LBTQ persons in Uganda to advocate for respect and protection of their rights.
Jay is the founding member and the current Board Chairperson of Trans Network Uganda and further sits on various boards and committees which include, Steering committee of East Africa Trans Health & Advocacy Network (EATHAN),Trans Men and HIV working group, Board of Trans Survivors Network and his a Country representative for Community Rights
and Gender (CRG). He is also an Alumni with Young African Leaders Initiative (Mandela Washington Fellowship, 2017) at Bowling Green State University. Jay holds a certificate in leadership skills and a graduate in computer science at Kampala International University. He is also a basketballplayer, a qualified basketball coach, referee and also manages a queer basketball team in Uganda. Jay Mulucha derives passion from trying to make Africa a friendlier place for the current and future LGBTQ individuals.

Simon Petitjean (he/him)

Simon Petitjean is a trans man, Franco-British, holds a BSc in Economics and International Development from Bath University and a MPhil in International Relations from Oxford University, and has 10+ years of experience in international policy and human rights work. He has served on multiple boards including SOS homophobie, one leading French LGBTI NGO, as Treasurer. He has also worked for UNESCO on the first ever UN report tackling homophobic discrimination in the education sector. For 5 years, he has worked for the South African NGO, GIN-SSOGIE, leading their strategic engagement at the UN on matters of religion, gender and sexuality. He is now Senior Project Officer, Gender and Sexuality at ARTICLE 19.