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trans rights

Petition to the Congregation for Catholic Education

The Congregation for Catholic Education released a document titled “Male and Female He Created Them” that contains deeply problematic language on gender issues, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and children’s rights. Sign our Petition against this blatant reproduction of ignorance, fear and hate.

Joint Statement on ICD-11 process for trans & gender diverse people

The ICD-11 is to be voted in at the 72nd World Health Assembly. After moving trans-related categories out of the Chapter on Mental Health, the next steps in the process include getting rid of the remaining pathologizing language and advancing towards legal depathologization and universal health coverage.

World Day of Social Justice

The need for a World Day of Social Justice highlights that, all around the world, social injustice is the rule, not the exception. Supporting community-led organizing and political mobilization is an urgent matter of social justice.

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

ATE joins the voices of trans and sex worker organization and activists around the world calling for the urgent decriminalization of sex work and an end to legal oppression, equal protection from law enforcement and criminal justice systems, and end to the use of condoms as ‘evidence’ of sex work, as this prevents the practice of safe sex, and equal access to rights-based health and social services for sex workers.

WPATH, Listen!

22 people grouped together smiling at camera

Declaration of the II Activists’ Delegation to the International WPATH Symposium in Buenos Aires

In November 2018, 50 intersex, trans and gender diverse activists and allies from more than 20 countries participated in the second Activist Delegation to the International WPATH Symposium in Buenos Aires. Prior to the symposium, the Activists’ Delegation held their own meeting to share, plan and strategize on depathologization worldwide.

The meeting was particularly significant in a context strongly characterized by social and institutional violence against intersex, trans and gender diverse people, and the global rise in attacks from religious and political movements against the so-called “gender ideology”.

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GATE Trans & Gender Diverse Statement on International Day of Families 2018

GATE joins today the annual observance of the International Day of Families; whose 2018 theme is Families and inclusive societies. It affirms the role of family and family policies in advancing Sustainable Development Goal 16 on Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.