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Unite! Advocate! Thrive! Global Trans Conference 2024

  • Munich, Germany
  • 20-21 July 2024

GATE is hosting the Unite! Advocate! Thrive! Global Trans Conference in Munich, Germany, from 20 – 21s July 2024. This 2-day conference will take place prior to the International AIDS 2024 Conference in Munich.

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Unite! Advocate! Thrive! Global Trans Conference is a unique and critical gathering for up to 200 trans and gender diverse (TGD) activists and key stakeholders from around the world. The conference aims to address the notable lack of TGD-specific and -inclusive global strategies, particularly in the global HIV response, and to formulate a unified response to anti-gender and anti-rights opposition.

A multi-year action plan will be developed revolving around three key areas: Health, Human Rights, and Movement Building. Collectively, these thematic areas will enable us to:

  • Identify advocacy priorities within the TGD community.
  • Strengthen the TGD movement through mutual learning, relationship building, and priority setting. This includes identifying the roles, needs, and interdependencies among national, regional, and global organizations and networks.
  • Offer a space to activists engaging in challenging and hostile contexts to re-energize and receive support. 
  • Amplify the visibility of the strengths and gains of the international TGD movement.

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Supported by Gilead who provided funding. Gilead has had no input into the content of the materials used at this meeting/conference.